Health and Nutrition

Betta Milk is homogenised, pasteurised and best of all it’s 100% Tasmanian.

But did you know that most Tasmanians aren’t getting enough dairy into their diet?

As well as being good for your teeth and bones, dairy can be good for your heart, your blood pressure and your weight. Dairy can also help reduce the risk of a range of health issues, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease and stroke.

So as well as being a great source of calcium and protein, dairy products – like Betta Milk – play an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

With less than 3.9% fat, our whole milk is a healthy, balanced natural product containing 10 essential nutrients.

Betta Light has all the goodness of full cream milk with only 1% fat.

And Betta Free is the ideal no-fat milk that offers a great tasting alternative to whole and light milk to keep you looking good and feeling great.

And did you know that milk also one of the best drinks to have after exercise?

For more information on the health and nutritional benefits of dairy as part of a healthy, balanced diet, visit the Dairy Australia website.